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You could be only 20 minutes away from solving your landscape design problems and on the road to creating your ideal garden.    

Harness the power of over 30 years of landscape design experience and have a 20 minute phone coaching session with Peter Bochenek, landscape architect and co-creator of My Ideal Garden. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a professional help unblock what’s keeping you from proceeding with your project or save you hundreds or thousands of dollars because of a mistake?   

Planning and designing the landscaping for your property can be a daunting task filled with unforeseen pitfalls.  It’s not unusual to run into issues like these:  

  • you don't know where to start
  • you want an arbor, pond or other design element, but don't know the best place for it. 
  • you’re having trouble deciding between different types of materials for your patio, deck, paths or other design features that you want. 
  • your front yard looks nice, but it's missing that special something that would make it wonderful.   
  • you need help blending your ideas for your backyard with your property. 
  • you don't know where to begin to find the right plants  for your conditions.

There are hundreds of twists and turns of events that you never realized when you first decided to improve your landscape.  

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have an experienced garden designer on your side!  A simple 20 minute session with Peter can get you back on the trail to your ideal garden and smoothen out your furrowed brow. 

"It wasn't until I had bought the property and the woods were cut down that I fully understood the awkwardness of my acre.  What I'd pictured as almost flat terrain in fact consisted of a plunging declivity giving way to a slightly gentler declivity.  The house went up on a shelf between the two slopes.  It was surrounded by red mud.

That's when Peter arrived on the scene. All I knew was that I wanted a stream, bordered by birches; he took off from there.  When he brought back his plans, I was amazed.  The landscape I had dreamt of but not been able to articulate, he had somehow divined.  The stream would skirt my screen porch, gather in a pool, and cascade down the lower slope.  He would civilize the steeper bank by marching two rows of beeches up it, on a diagonal.  A little parking lot that threatened to spoil the view would be curtained off with a shrubby berm...

Then came the transformation.  Trucks of topsoil pulled up, trees were craned in.  Peter disappeared into the mountains and returned with a flatbed of lichened boulders so full of character, they seemed to bring an alpine meadow with them.

Now, a few years later, it looks as if it's always been here - a garden that nature itself created.  Redbuds pop, azaleas flower.  The berm surges with wigelia and Scotch broom. The stream splashes among the rocks, lined with ferns that thrive in the shade of the leafy birches, and abelia froths around the pond at the bottom.  All this vegetation seems the real inhabitant; I feel like its guest.

Every morning I go outside, inhale the scents of my land, and marvel at the little universe that Peter made"

Timothy, Chapel Hill, North Carolina  

Homeowners aren’t the only ones that can benefit from a coaching session: 

  • landscape contractors 
  • landscape and garden design students
  • other garden professionals

… can also use a more experienced guide and mentor in some situations.  Peter also has extensive experience in operating landscape design businesses all over the country and can coach you on business strategies.

 "Dear Peter,

Since I am in the real estate business and often have to make “miracles” occur, I am not easily impressed by them. However, after having spent the weekend in my freshly landscaped home in Southampton, I do feel compelled to tell you – I am impressed. I know the immense effort, enthusiasm, and energy that were needed,in addition to your expertise, to not only correct the problems that existed but to be able to come up with a concept that would please us, give us a sense of tranquility, and be extraordinarily beautiful – all at the same time.  

In summary, this was money well spent on my part and a job really well done on your part.   

Thank you.  

Martin, Southampton, NY "

Just purchase your personalized telephone consultation through PayPal below (credit cards are accepted and your information is secure), and we’ll email you to schedule a convenient time to talk.  Peter will only answer questions about landscape/garden design, so be sure that this is what you need help with.  

You don’t have to go it alone.  Purchase your personalized coaching session now and stop worrying about whether you’re doing the right or wrong thing with the planning or design of your landscape.  

Price: $39.00                                     



  IMPORTANT NOTICE: This service is strictly for landscape planning and design topics.  

About Peter Bochenek: Because he believes that each garden should be as original as its owner, Mr. Bochenek has developed a unique talent of working with people to make their ideas blossom.

With over 30 years of experience in landscape design, Peter Bochenek and Associates have completed projects from courtyard gardens to large scale master planning and site design for a diverse clientele in  a variety of locations. From the Hamptons, Long Island, to the Carolinas, to the San Francisco Bay Area, we have brought a wealth of experience and a host of fresh ideas to our client's projects. We understand we are building your dream and invite you to experience with us the creation of your special place.  


  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture - North Carolina State University
  Master of Landscape Architecture - Harvard University
  Study of new town and park planning - Edinburgh, Scotland
  Sabbatical garden study of Italy, France and England.

Award-winning designs featured in:

  House Beautiful Remodeling Ideas
  Better Homes and Gardens Remodeling Ideas
  Home Remodeling Magazine
  House in the Hamptons 



"The key to my design approach is that I let people find their own creativity, so they can express their own ideas and desires for their garden. Together, we design a place in which they truly feel comfortable."

Peter Bochenek