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“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone? They take paradise and put up a parking lot.” -- Judy Collins

The following clubs and organizations create, preserve and restore the breathtaking natural beauty of our planet with their efforts:

America the Beautiful Fund

For over 25 years, the America the Beautiful Fund has distributed seeds to grow food for the hungry, to teach environmental stewardship, to beautify America’s streets, parks, schools and places of worship. Some of their current projects include:

  • offering grants of free seeds for communities to plant “Take Pride in America Gardens” and “Tsunami Memorial Gardens”.
  • working together with public and private partnerships to build the ‘Memorial Tree Groves Project’. A green memorial for the September 11, 2001 tragedy.
To make a donation or learn more about how to obtain free seeds for your community project visit their website at www.america-the-beautiful.org.


Treetures has a wonderful website that gets children involved in the wonders of natural beauty. Treetures represent an environmental education effort with a direct focus on trees. They are a community of whimiscal characters that are dedicated to teaching children about trees, tree care and tree planting.

The ‘Treetures Activity Guide and Coloring Book’ is part of the Treeture Educational program.

Visit their website at www.treetures.com.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is America’s oldest environmental organization. Some of their programs include:

Building Environmental Communities: Neighbors working together to provide solutions to community environmental issues.

Building Bridges to the Outdoors Youth Project: A long term commitment to give every child in America an opportunity to have an outdoor education experience.

Explore, enjoy and protect the planet. Join the Sierra Club today.

Native Seeds/SEARCH

Native Seeds/SEARCH works with Native American tribes to preserve plant varieties that have been raised for over a thousand years. Since it specializes in crops of the Southwest and northern Mexico, many of the seeds they offer for sale are heat and drought-tolerant. Their work is helping Native American communities regain their agricultural traditions and simultaneously helping all of us by distributing seeds for plants that can survive global warming conditions.

You can order seeds online or request a print catalog at: www.nativeseeds.org

Seattle Tilth

Through demonstration gardens, workshops, children’s programs, and events such as the “City Chickens 101” class and coop tour (no wonder it’s popular, with a name like that!), Seattle Tilth shows people how to protect the environment and improve their gardens at the same time. They are a nonprofit organic gardening and urban ecology organization, housed in the historic Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. You can learn more about them at www.seattletilth.org.