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Waterfalls And Water Features For The Small Garden Space PDF Print E-mail

Small Garden Water FeatureImagine hearing the sound of a trickling stream while you sip your morning coffee on your patio. . Often the best solution is to use existing elements. Here are some suggestions for water features that are particularly well suited for small garden spaces:

Gurgling Rivulets and Spraying Fountains

A freestanding or retaining wall can become the vessel from which a spring rivulet flows. Bury a small tube within the wall for water to flow down to splash on pebbles on the garden floor. You can also hang decorative wall fountains in the shape of imaginative figures such as gargoyles, cherubs or lions, on walls or fences.

A spraying fountain can burst forth from a hidden source behind the wall and tumble to a pool below, creating a sense of mystery. The sound the water makes will be determined by the volume of water coming from the fountain, the distance the water falls and the depth of the pool.

Tumbling Waters

A ‘runnel’ is a channel cut down the center of a masonry stairway that allows water to cascade and tumble down to a pool. A pump recirculates the water and transports it back up to the top of the stairs, where it begins its journey again.

Tuck in a Pond

Corner areas are not very useful for seating or any other garden activity. But when you tuck a pond in the corner of your small garden, the space becomes enchanted. For formal gardens, place a softly gurgling urn fountain in the center. For casual or natural gardens, place moss-covered stones at one end and recirculate water through a pump to cause water to trickle out from beneath stones. Your water feature will look and sound like a natural spring.

Just because you have a small garden, you don’t have to omit the design elements that are usually found on large estates. With a little creativity and economic use of the features you already have, you can enjoy the most luxurious gifts that the garden has to offer.