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Your young children are stuck indoors and desperately want to go outside to play in that luscious garden that you created, but the pond is nestling in quiet foreboding.

It doesn’t have to be! Your pond is beautiful, and with proper precaution your children can be well protected.

A safety grid strong enough to hold your child’s weight can be installed just under the surface of the water. It can be constructed of wood, strong plastic mesh, or galvanized steel supported underwater by bricks or on margin shelves intended to house containers of shallow water plants. Because this grid is just under the surface of the water it will be quickly covered with algae which will make it less visible, and the plants will be allowed to thrive in a beautiful, natural manner.

Most importantly, safety has been addressed in a creative, attractive manner and you can be confident potential disaster has been nicely sidestepped.

By Audrey Enright, Interior Designer and Garden Writer

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