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Design with Landscape Rocks
If your garden is filled with color during the spring and early summer months, only to become bland and uninteresting during the late summer, fall, and winter, then you may want to consider using landscape rocks to add year-round beauty.

Because landscape rocks can be used in many ways, they'll work in any type of garden, from a serene Asian design to a boisterous English cottage garden.

Stone retaining walls or raised beds are among the most popular ways to use larger landscape rocks. Although it's a fun project, it is time consuming, and you may want to consider hiring a contractor to do the job. However, if you have the time to work on a wall, laying landscape rocks is one of the most satisfying garden projects you can complete. After all, walls can last for hundreds of years.

The largest landscape rocks are ideal for creating accents or focal points in the garden. Place some of your more attractive rocks so that you can see them from your windows during the winter months when the garden is dormant.

Landscape rocks also look wonderful around yucca plants, ferns, and hosta.

If you like the sight of wet rocks glistening in the sun and the soothing sound of water trickling over rocks, water gardens or waterfalls are another great use for landscape rocks.

The smallest landscape rocks are ideal for use in driveways and on pathways. They also provide a wonderful solution for soggy areas. You can eliminate that wet spot by using several inches of small landscape rocks to create a patio. The rocks will drain quickly and the patio area will stay nice and dry.

Small landscape rocks are a popular choice for Asian-themed gardens. A Zen garden is made up almost entirely of tiny rocks, which are raked into patterns. If you prefer to use more plants in your garden, you may still want to use these small landscape rocks as a mulch substitute in some areas.

Finally, one of the best uses for landscape rocks is to make a rock garden. Designed to provide a friendly environment for plants that prefer to grow in mountainous, rocky regions, rock gardens enable you to grow plants that would not survive in your other garden beds.

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