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Home Patio Pavers - Stress Free Installation
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In the article you will learn:

Why you should use patio pavers.

What type of patio pavers to use.

How to prepare the area.
When to begin laying the pavers

Why you should use patio pavers

You can install patio pavers to improve your home, give your yard more beauty, and increase the functionality of your patio area.

Patio pavers are a good looking and practical material for landscaping, and they can be used for stepping stones or for edging planting gardens.

Don't be afraid to experiment with patio pavers to see what will work best for your particular yard, but unless you are experienced in working with patio pavers, their installation can be somewhat intimidating.

When you install patio pavers, do so with the knowledge that, unlike asphalt or poured concrete, patio pavers will not crack. This is because of interlocking joints that allow slight movement without cracking the patio pavers.

An added benefit when you install patio pavers is easy repair. Patio pavers can be remodeled or reinstalled at any time in the future.

They can be used to remodel an older patio or deck area, or when building a new patio. Whatever your backyard patio project, when you choose to install patio pavers you are making a positive improvement and a good investment.

What type of patio pavers to use

When beginning a project to install patio pavers, one of the first decisions you must make involves the type of pavers you would like to use. Patio pavers come in a wide variety of materials that include different shapes, colors, and sizes allowing you to create any look to match the rest of your home.

Brick patio pavers are among the most popular types of patio pavers; but there are numerous other kinds of patio pavers available at most home improvement stores.

Be sure to take your time when shopping for your patio pavers so you can ensure a perfect match. For more information on how to choose what type of patio pavers are best for you, see Find your unique garden style.

How to prepare the area

After selecting the patio pavers that will best meet your needs, you should prep the area where you plan to install them prior to beginning the actual installation. This means that you need to clear away any debris and then level the area where the patio pavers will be installed.

Many landscaping experts recommend that the area where the patio pavers will be installed be treated with weed killer before paving. This will help to insure that in the future weeds do not make their way back up through your patio pavers.

Always check the slope of the area where you will be installing patio pavers. You do not want drainage from a downhill slope to lead to flooding of your patio area or home. Be sure to slope your patio and yard so that water runs away from the foundation of your house.

A drainage swale will help direct water run-off where you want it to go. You can even line the bottom of the ditch with large water-washed pebbles to create an attractive dry stream bed.

It's important to take the time to define the area where the patio pavers will be installed. This can be done with treated lumber or flexible edging. The latter works well if you intend to use your patio pavers to create curves, such as with a curved walkway.

When to begin laying the pavers

After the edging is in place, make sure that you tamp down the soil firmly to ensure a solid footing for the patio pavers. Then, it is time to begin laying sand and leveling it.

After preparing the area, you can actually begin to install the patio pavers.

Of the numerous patterns that can be used for the installation, one of the most popular is the basket weave. You may also choose from options such as running bond and herringbone.

After deciding on your pattern and laying out the patio pavers, the next step is to spread sand over the entire surface of the patio pavers and to work it into any open spaces. Finally, wait a week and then re-apply the sand to fill in any area that may have settled.

Using patio pavers to create a walkway, a patio floor in your garden, or patio just off your home is a great way to add to the beauty of your entire property.

Patio Pavers are so versatile that you can install them to provide an entertainment area, to finish a hot tub area, or to provide a touch of style to a barbecue or fire pit.

Since they are maintenance free, you'll have no ongoing expenses when you install patio pavers. You won't regret your decision to install patio pavers!

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