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Sometimes things just work out like magic! Our friend Lisa, the graphic designer of Hazel and Wort, called just as Peter and I were going through our piles of garden books, looking for the perfect topic to write about for this inaugural issue of our newsletter. When I told her that we wished we knew what might interest our readers, she said, “Oh, I wish I could open my email right now and have someone tell me what to do with my front entrance!” Well, we took it as a sign – and our first subject for our first newsletter was born.

For months before we bought our home, we talked about what our front entrance would look like. We knew that we wanted a casual-style home with the front door painted a bright color. I envisioned an asymmetrical arrangement surrounding the door: a single formal evergreen flanking each side, with a brightly colored pot of flowers to one side. Having grown up with a front porch where I’d play for hours with my doll houses, I knew that I wanted a sheltered doorway. Luckily, my parents didn’t fuss about the need for a pristine front entrance, but instead were just happy that I was outside getting fresh air and away from the TV set.

When we moved into our rustic Adirondack-style home with its large front porch, one of the first things we did was to paint the door a happy French blue and place two formal boxwoods in casual clay pots on either side (we love blending contrasting formal and casual styles). Our porch swing beckons us to come sit and read a book with a glass of sun tea. Birdfeeders hang from the eaves of our porch, attracting our feathered friends so we can enjoy their cheerful sounds. A barn-red trellis holds a mischievous buttery yellow rose vine. Our bistro chairs await us there, inviting us to come and watch the sunset over the meadow … and unfortunately watch the weeds grow in our pea-gravel walkway. Well, you know we’re not perfect!

The front entrance – whether a porch, courtyard, stoop or landing – is the first thing we see when we arrive home after time spent away in a hectic world. What do you want to experience when you pull into your driveway?

It’s also the place where we meet and greet guests. And imagine the ideal setting for you to linger as you see them off after a good visit.

Warm regards,
Gaye and Peter