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Functional Issues For Your Deck PDF Print E-mail

When planning your deck and patios, be sure to ask yourself these questions that address how it will be used:

  • How many people will be using the deck?
  • What activities will you want to do on your deck? (E.G., lounging, entertaining, cooking, children playing, or using your computer)
  • Do you want to entertain outdoors? If so, what type of entertaining do you want to do? How many people do you usually entertain?
  • Do you want to cook outdoors?
  • Do you want privacy?
  • Do you want to enhance a view?
  • Do you want shade from the sun?
  • Will you need a railing? If so, what might be the special requirements of children or pets?

Also, Check to see if there are any restrictions that your county, town or homeowners’ association might have concerning decks. In some cases you will be required to obtain a permit if your deck meets certain criteria.

Design Considerations for Your Deck