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Home Deck Rail Design: Show Your Style
Deck Rail Design: Show Your Style PDF Print E-mail


Material choices are:

Natural Timber
Plastic: for transparent railings

A unique design for your deck railing impacts your home by making a statement about your style and personality.

Whether designing a new deck or rebuilding an old deck, the rails are one of the things a good designer or builder will take into consideration.

With a rail design that is suitable for your lifestyle, you will use your deck more often for entertaining a crowd and for enjoying some quiet time alone.

Materials For Your Deck Rails

When you begin to design your deck railings, you’ll be amazed at the number of material and style choices.

To determine which option is for you, take a serious look at the design of your home. Your rail design needs to fit with your home’s style.

The materials available for your deck rails include:

  • natural timber
  • metal
  • plastic: for transparent railings

Natural Timber

If the architecture of your home is traditional, particularly if it is timber clad or otherwise uses a lot of wood, the natural timber rail design is probably the way to go.

Available shapes and designs are numerous, giving you many choices.

Earl P. Mowgly, Gardener

With balusters and spindles, post caps and finials, choices range from plain and simple to elegant and ornate. You may choose either a vertical or a horizontal baluster design. Some people like to use a timber lattice between the railings for extra privacy.


Many people prefer the look and stability of metal deck railings. Some metal railings have a sleek and shiny modern look and come in a range of colors and a variety of finishes.

Copper and brass deck railings and balusters are available if you prefer a more rustic look.

Another option, the cast iron deck railing with an ornate look and feel, adds the perfect finishing touch to homes that are historical in design.


Transparent railings are another option to consider for your rail design. Transparent deck rails are usually made from a durable substance called Perspex. A clear plastic, Perspex is similar to Plexiglas, but is available in many different colors and is more practical and durable.

These transparent deck railings are gaining popularity because they provide unobstructed views of the beautiful scenery beyond your deck.

Your deck rail design tells the world a lot about the personality of your home. Take care to choose a rail design that you like and you'll enjoy it for years to come.

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