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“We have places chosen for each view, smell or time of day. Up the orchard under the bough of the old pear tree for an unexpected warm day in May, while the blossom is on the trees...”
---Mirable Osler, ‘A Gentle Plea for Chaos’

Here is a list of topics that you’ll want to consider to make sure the end result is a deck or patio that you’ll always be pleased with. Simply click on any of the topics below or keep reading to learn about them all:

Functional Issues
Design Considerations: Location, Size, Exposure, Access, Shape

Our clients often come to us without having a clue about how to approach the choices involved with a patio deck design to increase your backyard enjoyment.

The possibilities for the materials, forms, colors, textures, and function for your deck and patio idea can be overwhelming.

We will explore these possibilities and much more. But first you should know...

Why Have a Deck?

Some advantages of deck and patios are:

  • They can extend your indoor rooms to the outside and make the outdoor rooms part of the house. Add a grill, patio furniture and some landscaping, and you’ve got a space that’s as inviting as any living room.
  • Decks are a reasonably inexpensive investment for the returns in quality of life and real estate values.
  • With decks, ungainly slopes become useable space that is both functional and beautiful.
  • If there is a view just beyond the reach of your back door, decks can extend out from your home to the point where you can enjoy that view to its maximum advantage.
  • By building them over a hilly terrain, decks can eliminate expensive grading.

Read on to learn about Functional Issues For Your Deck