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Home Restrictions on Fences
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Before you decide on location, design or size of your fence, find out city, township or homeowners’ association regulations which might influence the development of your fence idea.

Always check for buried pipes or cables. Most states have a designated number to call and arrange to have your utility and cable lines marked.

Also, when considering a fence that will mark the boundary between you and your neighbor, it’s advisable to discuss your plans with that neighbor.

Common Restrictions

  • Most communities restrict the use of hazardous materials for fences. Materials such as barbed wire, glass and electric fencing are often not allowed.
  • The height of boundary and division fences is regulated by most communities and homeowners’ associations.
  • The height of fences located near traffic intersections or sharp bends in the street is often regulated. The reason for this restriction is to allow motorists an unobstructed view of oncoming traffic.

Ownership and maintenance are two of the common issues that arise between neighbors with boundary and division fences.

When the fence runs on top of a property line it technically belongs to both property owners as tenants-in-common. In that case, make a written agreement with the adjoining landowner and have it recorded at the city or county clerk’s office.

Home Garden Tip:To eliminate any problems, it’s best to put the fence at least six inches inside your property line and always have a professional survey performed if you are considering a fence (or anything else for that matter) anywhere near your property line. Be careful about disturbing your neighbor’s property while the fence is being built. To avoid possible ill feelings, make sure the fence is attractive on their side as well. This will eliminate most boundary issues with your neighbors.

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