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Home Establish the Correct Height for Your Fence
Establish the Correct Height for Your Fence PDF Print E-mail

Be sure to check the height restrictions of fences with your city or town planning offices and also with your homeowners’ association when developing your fence idea.

For more about fence regulations, see our section on Restrictions on Fences.

Generally, fences are limited in height for:

  • Front yards – 4 feet high
  • Back and side yards – 6 to 8 feet high


Common Problems Requiring a Fence

You want to block out a view.

Make your fence as high as it will take to block what you don’t want to see.

You want to block the view from the outside looking in at your property.

Make your fence as high as it takes to block the view from the outside. However, if you are trying to block out a neighbor’s second story window view onto your property, you’re better off planting trees than building a fence.

You want to feel cozy and enclosed.

A 6 ft. high fence will accomplish this.

You want to soften noise from the street.

A fence may help you feel like you’re blocking sound, but they really don’t. A fence idea involving a four-inch concrete wall or a berm that is several feet high will be what you need in this situation.

You want to keep something physically out of an area.

Your height requirement will depend on what you are trying to keep out. In general:

  • People – To keep people from trespassing, you’ll need a 6 to 8 ft. fence.
  • Deer – You’ll need at least an 8 foot height to keep them from leaping over your fence. You can build your fence to a height of 6 feet and then attach a wire on top of it at 8 feet. For this job, a heavy gauge black plastic mesh or electric wire fence works well as an alternative to more expensive conventional fencing materials. Be sure to check with your homeowners’ association before you choose those alternatives. And in the case of an electric fence, check also with your city or town planning offices.
  • Small Digging Animals – A two-foot, above ground fence should do it, with an additional foot below ground to keep them from getting in from underneath.


Home Garden Tip: Always keep the scale of your property or the area you are fencing in mind when determining height for your fence idea. If the space is small, a tall fence will look out of scale.

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