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“Thus, the Persians (as early as the sixth century B.C.) called their gardens ‘pairidaeza’- ‘pairi’ meaning ‘around’ and ‘daeza’ meaing ‘wall’: ‘walled garden’. Pairidaeza were enclosed private retreats from the noisy, dusty world outside their walls.”
Julie Moir Messervy – ‘The Inward Garden’

Consider the following topics as you think about the design for your fencing:

Include Fencing in Your Landscape Design - by guest writer, Maggie, for LumaGardenStructures.com 

Read on to learn about...

Restrictions on Fences – What limitations will your local codes, homeowners’ association or neighbors have on your fence idea?

Degree of Density for Fences – Should your fence be solid, partially opaque, or open?

Height of Fences – How high should you make your fence?

Details on Fences – Should the design of your fence be minimal or complex?

Material Choices for Fences – What material should you use for your fence idea?

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