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Should Your Fence Design Be Simple Or Complex? PDF Print E-mail

A deck fence
Basically, there are two types of fence designs:

  • Simple
  • Complex

By a simple fence, we mean a design that has practically no ornamentation.

A complex fence has more detail – perhaps shelves attached to it to show off a collection of antique garden tools, or diagonal boards staggered in sections.

To answer the question of whether your fence idea should be simple or complex in design, there are other questions you should first ask yourself:

Are there any fences that have been part of gardens you’ve enjoyed in the past?

Our experience has shown us that, subconsciously, people gravitate toward the elements that have been in gardens they’ve had positive experiences with in the past.

For example, your grandmother may have had an ornate Victorian iron fence around her house. Or perhaps you’d like to have a hedge border like the one that surrounded the lovely English garden you found solace in during your summer in Europe before your senior year in college.

Or, you might consider a simple fence idea with tall shrubs in front of it to block the fence.

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve with this fence?

Define what that problem is and work toward the simplest solution. A fence that is merely functional should, in most cases, be the simplest design possible.

If you only want to block a view, then a simple wooden fence will suffice. You can soften the look by planting shrubs in front of it.

Do you want your fence to play a decorative role in your landscape?

Simple or ornate patterns of a sophisticated nature can be a decorative element in your garden as well as play a functional role. The fence becomes an art piece.

For example, if you have an Asian garden, you could have a fence with decorative Japanese or Chinese slats.

A different decorative approach would be to use the same kind of siding that is on your home on your fence.

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