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Major Landscape Features - Backyards

Do you wish you had the time to take the family away for a relaxing vacation? Consider the incredible convenience of a family fun retreat right in your own backyard. You can spend quality time together every day enjoying the summer sun and creating memories in a backyard built for your family.

  1. Spruce Up What's Already There

    You need to start somewhere, so why not start with what you have? That patio and deck will look good as new again with a coat of stain or power wash. The overgrown shrubs can be shaped into a work of art with a trimmer. And the gardens will look much cleaner with many hands helping to clean them out. Note the shady and sunny spots in the yard.

    Plant climbing vines to hide what you don't want to see and consider a living fence to retain your privacy. Fast growing evergreen shrubs planted close together will soon become a natural barrier to the view, the sounds and the wind that can dampen your play in the backyard.

  2. Customize For Your Lifestyle

    Every member of the family will want to be outside when their lifestyles and hobbies are accounted for. Include special places and features customized to each person.

    The morning coffee and daily paper routine is perfect for the patio. Readers in the family will love to escape into a quiet, comfy hideaway. Adventure and imagination will rule a kid's clubhouse or treehouse and game tables set out on the patio are ideal for chess and card games. Snuggle together on porch swing kits, grabbing those relaxing moments as they come.

    A miniature garden railroad is something the whole family will love. With weatherproof tracks laid through your yard, everyone can join in the fun of running the train.  

  3. Don't Get Tied Down

    When you're in the backyard you want the chance to relax. A long list of jobs that needs to be done will take away that chance. Plant low maintenance flowers and shrubs to reduce your job list, including drought and pest resistant varieties.

    Apply a generous layer of mulch to the garden annually to block the weeds and retain the soil's moisture. A layer of landscape fabric underneath your paving stone or wood chip pathway is also an excellent weed deterrent.

  4. Grill Like a Gourmet

    Prepare and eat your summer meals out on the patio with an outdoor kitchen. Natural gas or propane BBQs are simple and easy to use and the smoky flavor of charcoal grills is unmistakable. Your cooking is sure to get rave reviews when the grill is on.

    Hang out around the campfire all summer long with an outdoor fire pit. Available in gas or propane patio fireplaces for portability, you can also build a wood burning fire pit for a traditional feel. The family will enjoy either one.

  5. Garden With Purpose and For Something Pretty

    Your dinner table will be heavy laden with healthy crops when you plant family favorite vegetables like sugar snap peas, pumpkins and cherry tomatoes. The whole family will love to eat what they helped to grow, feed and harvest. Surround your home with pretty cut flowers straight from the flower garden to bring the outdoors in. Simple flowers like daisies, sunflowers and zinnias will be loved and appreciated by all.  

  6. Choose Quality Furniture

    Buying well made furniture is important and will allow your family years of enjoyment. Quality patio sets are built to last and will be complimented by additional pieces for lounging, napping and snuggling together. Hammocks and glider benches are great choices, as are chaise lounges for cushioned comfort or porch swing kits for shelter from the sun.

    Incorporate the right colors into the furniture and décor as well. Paint and stains add character and cushions and pillows sprinkle patterns and brightness onto the patio.  

  7. Chat And Catch Up In Style

    Arrange your patio furniture choices to allow for easy conversation. Special sets with low couches and tables are often called conversation sets and are perfect for the whole family. Place all of the pieces around a patio fireplace for the ultimate warmth and spend hours together laughing and chatting.  

  8. Songs Are So Relaxing

    Bring the music into the yard by wiring your stereo system into outdoor speakers. There are even some models that are built to look like landscape rocks. You can line your pathways and enjoy the songs all day long.  

  9. Water Helps To Set The Mood

    Does the noise of nearby traffic keep you out of the yard? Install a water feature such as a fountain, birdbath or pond and let the soothing sound transport you. A beautiful sight for all to enjoy, water features set a peaceful mood in your yard.  

  10. Fun And Games Are Essential

    Every yard needs an area dedicated to fun and games. Leave some lawn space to play catch, bocce ball or Frisbee. Set up the Badminton net or a sandy horseshoe pit for quick games or long tournaments. The whole family will enjoy a soak in the hot tub too. Make sure you cover the essentials and account for games together.

    Don't let the chance to build a backyard family fun retreat pass you by. The ultimate relaxation destination is right outside your patio door where you'll make memories to last a lifetime.

    About The Author

    Jay Chua is the publisher of PorchSwingSets.com and loves to spend time outdoors and close to nature. Jay lives happily with his wife Deisy in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Together they enjoy their garden, travels and the designing of backyard retreats. They also spend plenty of time in their wood porch swing sharing coffee and good books. At PorchSwingSets.com you can discover just how hand woven hammocks and swings can help you build a backyard family fun retreat this season.