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Step 4: Identifying Functions and Supporting Design Elements PDF Print E-mail

Fence Idea
This is like deciding what kind of party you’re going to have, then figuring what food and drinks you’re going to serve, what decorations you’ll use, what invitations to send, and what mix of friends to invite.

You’ve done this plenty of times before and you can do it again, only this time with your landscaping and gardening project.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What hobbies do you want to have space for?
  • What activities do your children need space for?
  • How do you like to entertain outdoors?
  • Do you need more storage space?

At this point, we’ve learned that it’s a good idea to look at the tax map or survey of your property to make sure you know its boundaries.

We’ve often found that fences have been positioned so that they cut off part of the owner’s property that could be used for something important.

Your Dream List

Using this information, you can start your dream list of design elements.

What features would support your concept? Here are a few to choose from. Be sure to hold your vision of the perfect spot from Step 2 in mind when considering these options:

Patio Walls Waterfalls
Pool Spa Fence
Pond Deck Pergola
Walkways Arbor Trees
Planting Beds Garden Buildings Lawn
Stream Bridge Stone
Tennis Court Porch Gazebo
Meadow Gate Trellis

There are plenty to choose from, aren’t there? And that’s not all. Perhaps you saw something in your vision that isn’t listed here.

If you want to know more about the available features we strongly suggest you check out The Garden Design Book by Cheryl Merser and the editors of Garden Design Magazine. It’s loaded with pictures that will make your mouth water!

For a more detailed look at design elements, an excellent source is The Garden Design Sourcebook: The Essential Guide to Garden Materials and Structures by David Stevens, one of England’s most popular garden designers.

Now for a little more reality. How much is this going to cost?...

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