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Step 8: Spreading the Icing on the Cake. PDF Print E-mail

Home Garden Sculpture
Just like fudge frosting on chocolate marble cake, decorative accents can enrich your experience of your home garden.

A landscape that feels like your very own is more than just patios.
Like most of the rooms in your home, your outdoor rooms will be more inviting if they offer comforts for your body and stimulation for your eye with focal points.

After all you can’t spend all your time weeding and pruning. It’s time to...

...sit back and savor the beauty you’ve coaxed from nature.

Choosing Your Garden Accents

A carefully chosen ornamental object – such as an elegant chaise, bubbling fountain, or whimsical bird house – can add romance, mystery or wit to main areas or the most overlooked spot.

But how to choose from the thousands of decorative garden accents there are in the market today? Let’s go beyond that time-wasting place called...

...“I’ll know it when I see it.”

Take your garden vision from Step 2: Find A Path to Your Unique Garden Style and apply it here.

Where were you in that vision?

  • On Grandma’s porch? Perhaps a Victorian chair in the new weatherproof wicker is just what you need next to your hydrangea.
  • Up at a mountain cabin? A swinging bench made from lodge poles, tucked in a far-off corner of your property, will become your favorite reading spot.
  • In the tropics? Then, a primitive wooden sculpture springing out from your canna tropicanas will ignite your soul.

The first furniture we bought for our new home was a couple of Adirondack chairs. Even before we moved in, we dragged them down to our pond and carefully placed them on our pier to imitate the Adirondacks that sat in front of the lake cabin in northern Wisconsin where my family has visited every year since the early 1900’s.

We’re working on making more time to sit in those chairs, but when we can’t, we look at them from our kitchen window and I’m instantly taken to my lake.

I can imagine that I’ve just come up from a morning of swimming with my cousins and finished my lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with potato chips! Now PBJ’s (peanut butter and jelly, in case you’re wondering) may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me they’re heaven.

Anytime I’m transported back to my childhood days at the lake, I feel energized.

What’s your vision of the perfect spot to have lunch with your kids?

Follow Your Heart

Each landscape we’ve designed, we’ve used this Landscape System to give us the essential tools for helping our clients break out of the cookie-cutter approach and create a garden that is their very own.

We’ve made these guidelines universal in order to help you create a garden that is timeless as well as flexible, so you can adjust it to fit your own needs and expanding garden vision.

Listen to the voice of your inner desire. The one that speaks to you as you watch your child coming home from school in the afternoon, walking up the path through the imaginary arbor and gate you’ve envisioned. The one that sighs …

… it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Quiet that pesky inner critic. You know the one that whines …

… “You don’t really need that arbor and gate because it’s too much money and too much work to paint every few years.” Just tell it …

“Yes, I want that arbor and gate and I’m willing to work for it.”

In her book An Island Garden, Celia Thaxter writes: “Often I hear people say, ‘I can never make my plants blossom like this! What is your secret?’ And I answer with one word, ‘Love’.”

We know your capacity for love will grow and flourish in your very own unique garden haven.

When it’s real, those roses smell especially sweet!