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Scale is the size relationship between objects both within the garden and to the landscape as a whole.

Choose the size of your elements so that they seem to be appropriate for the area they’re in.

You know you’ve achieved good scale in your landscape design plan when you walk through your garden and you have …

… a comfortable experience.

We’ve noticed that most often scale is not considered when choosing entrance paths.

Most often a four foot wide path is chosen. While this width is comfortable for one person to walk on …

… it’s tight for two.

And if you have a two story home or sprawling ranch style with an average front yard the scale of the path is also off for the size of your home and yard.

Whereas, a six foot path gives a feeling of graciousness, which is the feeling that most of us would like our guests to feel as they enter our home. So if your front yard is large enough, opt for the six foot path in your landscaping design.

Make Your Space Work

I once had a writing teacher tell me, when thinking about writing a story, put aside any thoughts about structure, spelling, grammar. Just get it down on paper. Let it flow from you.

The same is true for your landscaping design. Put aside its current drawbacks. Think of it as just an empty space that you can fill with any shapes you choose.

And don’t get caught up in worrying about how you don’t know anything about horticulture. The first stage of a landscape design plan only deals with making the space work in a way that is visually pleasing.

If you’re considering:

Regardless of whether you decide to venture forth and create your own landscape design or work with a professional …

...enjoy the process.

We’ve found that we learn far more from the gardens we create than we could ever have imagined when we began the journey. We think the same will hold true for you.