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Dry Stream Bed - Landscape Design Picture
You accomplish unity in yout landscape when all of your landscape design elements fit together and there is nothing that …

… sticks out like a sore thumb.

When your thumb hurts, it diverts your attention. You don’t feel comfortable. We once had a client that had a formal home and an old garage right in the middle of his backyard, which was an open flat area with no trees. He wanted a place to entertain and also have a swimming pool.

As part of the landscape design plan, we made the decision to move the garage off to the side of the property. This decision was based on the fact that to unify the space, the feeling tones of the design elements needed to support each other.

The rustic style of the garage was not in harmony with the formal style of the home and the pool that our client wanted. Moving the garage also opened up the perfect space for the formal brick patio and pool.

Closely related colors, matching or coordinated patterns and consistency of style all lead to unifying your landscape. We’ll talk more about this later when we discuss design tools.

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