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Planting Bed - Landscape Design Idea
Rhythm is the visual equivalent to musical notes and phrases. It occurs in the placement of forms, colors, textures, lines, and spaces.

Just as you establish a rhythm as you go down a flight of stairs that are well spaced, equally spaced objects in landscape gardening can establish …

… a visual beat.

Repetition Creates Rhythm

Repetition is the key here. Containers spaced evenly on a patio move your eye from one end to the other and can give you a sense of calmness and order.

The same mood can be established by evenly:

  • grouping plants
  • spacing a row of trees
  • dotting a planting bed with intense splashes of color or rough texture

You’ll need at least three objects to establish a rhythm.

Rhythm Creates Mood

For our clients that want their landscape design idea to present a calm mood, we’ll space objects farther apart. For an active mood, we space things closer together.

The mind enjoys rhythm. You can view a garden for hours without feeling a loss of energy when this design principle is used well. However, we’ll caution you again, not to over do a good thing.

Too much rhythm can be boring.

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