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Swimming Pool - Landscape Design Idea
It’s not hard to tell when there is something wrong with proportion in a space. We’ve all had the experience of being in a room that’s very long and narrow. The proportion of length is too long for the width and we feel like …

… we’re in a tunnel, rather than a comfortable room.

Good Design Relates Areas

The landscaping design principle of proportion addresses the relationship of parts of a design to each other and the whole.

If you have a long and narrow property, you’ll want to use color or texture, in your landscape gardening to decrease the length and visually broaden the width …

… unless, of course, your ideal spot is a bowling alley!

Relate Sizes

The size of the objects in your landcaping design should also relate to each other so one thing is not huge and the others very small – or that everything is one size.

Often people, as part of their landscaping design, will install too many plants that are the same small size. This produces a feeling of business.

We’ll use the example of builders again (we’re really not against builders, just their general taste in landscape gardening). Builders, when developing their landscape design plan, typically will neglect to think of future proportion when they install shrubs and trees around the foundation of their new homes.

However, these plants generally will grow beyond the size where they’re in proportion with the house façade and entranceway. In a few years they look as if they’re ready to …

… claim the house as their own!

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