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The following is the seven second version of the design principles we’re going to cover, incase you need to get the kids off to soccer practice. You can simply click on the principle you want to know more about, or go on reading beyond the list to learn about all of them:

Focal Point
Mystery and Whimsy

“One art means all arts – if you understand the principles in creating one form of art, you will understand something about all forms of art.”
Kinsaku Nakane, Garden Master

Create A Place Of Beauty That Enlivens Your Spirit

Whether you’re planning to hire a professional to help with your landscaping design or do-it-yourself, our goal is to give you an understanding of the basics to make your landscaping design idea a reality:

For those of you who plan to hire a design professional …

… we’ll help you identify your ideal garden and improve your communication with your design professional – thereby saving you time, money and a lot of frustration.

For the do-it-yourselfers …

… you too will grow your recognition of where your garden passion lies and get gardening ideas and tips on how to use the fundamentals of design to translate your landscaping design idea into reality.

For those who haven’t decided yet whether to do their own landscape design or hire a professional …

… you’ll obtain all of the above, plus know whether landscape design is your cup of tea.

And all of you will gain knowledge of many fundamentals that can be used for all categories of design: sculpture, drawing, architecture, interior design, clothing design, floral design, pottery making, weaving, even …

… hair styling!

Understand Your Ideal Garden Style

When we begin to work on the landscaping design idea for their property, most of our clients will start by telling us the plants they like, the functions they want to accommodate and what problems their site has. While these things are important …

… you must have a dream that will ignite your passion for your garden.

Otherwise your design will be as soulless as a landscape plan with builder’s bushes (you’ve seen them, they’re the landscapes with the little ball shaped shrubs around the foundation of the house that builders rush to install so they can get on to the next project).

If your garden doesn’t tug at your heartstrings you’ll get bored with it real fast. It just won't feel like home.

... Besides your house and property are too expensive to waste like that.

If you need help with envisioning your ideal style for your landscape, visit our section Find Your Unique Garden Style. It will make all of your future landscape decisions so easy.

Once you understand your garden style, you’re ready to...

Make Confident Design Decisions

Have you ever had a friend who got a new hairstyle and all of a sudden they looked 100% better? Their face isn’t as droopy. Maybe their eyes look brighter. Well, what happened is that, with the snip of the scissors …

… their hair now relates much better to their face because certain principles of design were used that hadn’t been before.

Well, the situation with your property is similar to your friend’s new haircut. Like your friend's hairdresser, you will make the correct decisions for your property.

We’ve used the following landscape design concepts for our client’s projects. No matter what the size is of your property, your budget, your taste, or your location, when you weave these concepts in to your landscape design, you will transform your space into …

… a place of beauty.

After we explore the design principles, we’ll go on to talk about the tools you can use to achieve your landscape design idea.

for more details read on . . .

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