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Stone Stairs - Landscape Design Idea
Mystery and whimsy engage our imagination so our minds are stimulated and our appetite for viewing our gardens is kept at a peak.

One could argue that there is enough of the unknown and comical in nature to provide us with all the inspiration we could ever need for a landscape design idea. We would have to agree with them.

Yet there’s no harm done with heightening the excitement, is there?

Mystery Will Entice You

A wandering path leading into a grove of trees or a garden gate that holds the secrets of the garden on the other side will seduce the viewer to continue on into the mysteries beyond.

Who could resist such temptations?

Whimsy Entertains You

Our own garden came with its own touch of whimsy as its inhabitants, four ducks, came as part of the deal when we purchased the house from the former owners. At first we thought they were great because they’d eat the snails and slugs.

But over time, we’ve come to enjoy their antics and Charlie Chaplin-like gait as they wander back and forth from the pond to our back door for their treats.

If you don’t want to have to feed your whimsical or mysterious landscape gardening ornaments you can choose some at your local garden center.

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