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Most gardens incorporate several types of plants, although it's not uncommon to have plants of only one type.

The best plants for your flower garden depend on what your gardening goals are (check back in your garden journal for your wish list).

Plant categories – the cast of characters for your garden drama

There are 7 categories of plants we like to use for flower gardens:

Fruits and Vegetables
Vines and Ground Covers
Ferns and Ornamental Grasses
Shrubs and Trees
A cutting garden could include annuals, perennials and shrubs. Bulbs can be used for cutting or early season blooms. Herbs, vegetables and fruits make a garden functional as well as beautiful. Vines, ground covers, ferns and ornamental grasses are both beautiful and easy to care for. Shrubs and trees can provide a backbone structure for your garden that will give it shape and interest during non-blooming periods.

Home Garden Tip: Pick a variety of plants for your garden to ensure an attractive setting with interest throughout the seasons.

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