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If your answer to this question is along the lines of "I want to have a big party this Memorial Day to kick off the summer garden season", we wish you well, but you're taking a path that we know from our experience will end with your having a garden that is...

...just another pretty face.

That is, it won't feel like home. The process of gardening isn't one of instant gratification. It requires:

  • time and patience
  • experimentation and observation
  • successes and failures
  • a clear understanding of what touches you deeply in nature

This combination rarely occurs in a few months. The process of gardening and selecting garden decor is one where the personality of its creator is what makes the space unique.

Why do you want to have a garden?

Earl P. Mowgly, Gardener

Here are a few of the answers to our gardening question that we’ve heard over the years from our clients. Maybe one or more of these fits your interests, but feel free to make up your own.




Would you like:

  • a kitchen garden with vegetables and herbs?
  • a place with garden decor for quiet activities such as reading or contemplation?
  • a beautiful space with garden decor that delights all who pass by or stop to visit?
  • a cutting garden to grow beautiful bouquets to use in the house or give as gifts?
  • a space to learn about new plants and gardening techniques?
  • an outdoor area for entertaining and recreation with family and friends?
  • a place to escape from the everyday stresses of life?
  • a setting to watch and enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature unfold?
  • a space to grow the things that are familiar to you from your childhood, such as: plants that your parents or grandparents had in their gardens, or the wildflowers and apple trees that grew in the empty field you used to play in?
  • a place to let your creative spirit run free?
  • a setting that will always remind you of happy memories of a place you enjoyed on vacation, retreat or your honeymoon?
Be sure you have a clear idea of what makes your heart sing. This will not only help make your decisions about your garden and garden decor much easier, it will ensure that you’ll always be happy with those gardening choices.

For more help visit our section: Find a Path to Your Unique Garden Style. It will give you a thorough understanding of what you’ll need to create your ideal garden.
Now, make a wish list of any practical considerations you might have for your garden. Again, you can choose from the following list or add some that fit your particular situation:

  • to distract from areas you don’t want to see, like: utility areas, the neighbor’s used car lot or maybe the architecture of your own home that doesn’t thrill you
  • to cut down on lawn mowing
  • to improve areas prone to erosion or drainage difficulties with garden decor
  • to beautify an area where grass won’t grow

Be sure to include the thoughts of other members of the household who have an interest in this project. Jot down your wish list for your garden (this could be the beginning of a garden journal) and keep it handy. It will be your map to guide you through the many decisions you'll be making.

Types of Home Garden Projects

Large Scale Home Garden Projects...

...involve landscaping the major portion of a property or perhaps constructing design elements with building materials. For those of you whose vision of their ideal garden encompasses this scale, you’ll want to visit our Landscaping and Gardening System now. Our proven gardening system will walk you through simple steps that will make your major garden project a joy to experience.

Small to Medium Scale Garden Projects...

...include those that basically have flowers beds and/or a vegetable garden, with some trees and shrubs and garden decor. For those of you who have these elements in mind, read on to learn what you’ll need to know to create …

… a garden of your very own.

Now hold on to your dreams while we introduce a little reality...

Continue on to learn about budget and maintence...