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“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.”
--Alfred Austin, ‘The Garden that I Love’

Designing With Plants 

Enjoy Taking the Path to a Garden that Reflects Who You Truly Are

Whether you’re a gardening veteran or just launching on your adventure into the wonderful world of gardening, this section of our site is designed to... 

...inform and inspire you. 

You'll receive gardening tips on the basics of how to:

  • Develop your planting plan
  • plant flowers and vegetables
  • give your plants the care they require

But what’s more important is you’ll learn... 

...the secrets of how to enjoy your gardening experience to its fullest. 

If your garden doesn’t tug at your heart strings you’ll get disappointed and discouraged very fast. Let’s face it. Gardening requires the best of us. Those wondrous flowers and luscious vegetables... 

...don’t just happen on their own. 

We’ll help you discover the foundation for inspiration that will let your... 

...gardening spirits soar, like countless others before you in this grand old tradition.

Just as a painter spends much of his project time preparing a room before he paints, preparation is essential for a garden that you’ll always enjoy.

Before you plant anything, take time to plan your garden design.

As you begin to build your plant design, consider the following topics:

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Read our step-by-step Plant Design Basics eCourse and learn what you need to know before choosing plants for your garden

Determine Why You Want to Have a Garden

Garden Budget and Maintence Requirements

Understand Your Conditions

What is Your Personal Color Scheme?

Plant Catagories - Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs and More...

Height, Shape and Growth Patterns of Plants

Evoke a Sense of Wonder, Curiosity and Attention.



Continue on to explore the importance of understanding the reasons to have a garden

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