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Use Your Stockings for Containers PDF Print E-mail
Gardening Shortcut
Pillbugs, slugs and earwigs can slip past pebbles and clay shards. So, cut up your old panty hose into small squares and cover drainage holes in containers. This will stop the soil from washing out and insects from getting in.

Well, I guess them stockins might work, ‘cause I never once saw anyone wearing stockins get his feet infested with earwigs.

In New York once I saw a public tellyphone that had a bunch of nylon hose stuffed into the coin slot. I reckon they did that to keep people from puttin’ slugs in the slot, instead of money.

They say in New York that you should have a big diversification of stockins in your portfolio, I guess so's you could keep out the pillbugs and plant lice, too.