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Landscaping equipment
In the article, you will learn about:

Lawn Mowers
Inexpensive Hand Tools

Taking the time to landscape the exterior of your home can bring a great amount of personal pleasure as well as increase the value of your property.
Unless you plan to hire a professional landscaping company, however, you will need to have the right equipment in order to produce the results you desire.

So, just what kind of landscaping equipment do you need to succeed?

From the variety of different types of equipment on the market, there are a few basic necessities you will need to get started with most landscaping tasks and projects around your home.

For the most part, the landscaping equipment you’ll need will depend on the layout of your yard and which elements you have incorporated, or hope to incorporate, into your landscaping.

Lawn Mowers

One of the first pieces of landscaping equipment you’ll want is a lawn mower.

While there are many different types and sizes of lawn mowers available, the size of your yard and whether you have a lot of elements (trees, hedges, garden accents) in your landscaping will determine which type of lawn mower you need.

Your budget, too, may influence your choice of mower.

If you have a relatively small lawn, a push mower may suit your needs fine, while homeowners with larger lawns may need a rider lawn mower.


If you’ve included a lot of landscaping elements in your lawn, you may want to consider purchasing a trimmer for the grass around hedges and landscape accents.

Regardless of which type of mower you purchase, it can often be difficult to get close enough to keep the edges tidy, making a trimmer necessary.

A trimmer may also be the necessary piece of landscaping equipment to keep hedges at the height you prefer.


Depending on your plans, you may also need such landscaping equipment as various types of saws.

Saws come in handy for pruning and trimming tree limbs, as well as cleaning up after storms and wind damage.

Inexpensive Hand Tools

New gardeners often find that the most useful pieces of landscaping equipment are the small inexpensive hand tools such as long-handled shovels, leaf rakes, bypass pruners, trowels, and cultivators.

No matter what you have planned for you garden, you will need to purchase these practical hand tools to make you garden dreams come true.

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