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Read on to learn…

Where to look for a landscaping idea picture.

How to match your landscape to the style of your home.

How to choose the appropriate plants.

Are you having trouble coming up with a landscaping plan for your yard?

Do you already have gardens, but want them to be a little more interesting? Or are you faced with a completely bare yard?

One great way to begin planning your garden is by finding a landscaping idea picture to use as your inspiration.

Look for an Inspirational Landscaping Idea Picture

One of the best places to find the perfect landscaping idea picture to jumpstart your creativity is in a gardening magazine.

Some magazines even have detailed planting plans to go with their spectacular landscaping photos. This makes it easy for you to recreate that landscaping idea picture in your own yard.

Another great place to find a landscaping idea picture is in one of the many coffee table gardening books. These books are packed with photos of some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

If you would rather look for a landscaping idea picture online, you can find plenty of ideas there, as well.

Many gardening magazines have online archives that contain quite a few landscape photos and ideas.

And you'll find there are quite a few garden lovers who take photos of their gardens and create websites to show them off.

Since other gardeners use their yards to entertain family and friends, to exercise their dogs, and to relax in the evenings just as you do, these photos are a great source of inspiration for people who want to create gardens that are truly usable.

You can also visit our Landscape Photo Gallery to find your inspiration.

Match your Landscape with Style of your Home

Before you choose a photo to inspire your garden design, consider whether the design in that landscaping idea picture can blend with your home's architecture.

After all, no matter how wonderful a landscaping idea picture of a cactus garden looks, that garden would look out of place in front of your English cottage. You'll need to tie in elements of your garden with your house.

See Find A Path to Your Unique Garden Style to learn how to create a landscape that will make you feel at home.

Choose the Appropriate Plants

If you live in an area that has frequent droughts, think about whether the plants in the photo you are considering require large quantities of water. Another consideration is whether the plants can handle the temperature range in your climate.

See our section on Garden Conditions, to better understand the conditions of your property.

Of course, you can try to completely recreate the landscaping idea picture that you are using as your inspiration, but why not add a touch of individuality, too?

Look for a plant that does well in your area and can replace a plant on the planting plan that doesn't necessarily thrive where you live.

Ideally, the plant you choose should have a shape, bloom period, and color that are similar to the plant you are replacing. That way your garden will have the look you want.

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