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Finding Landscape Design Inspiration from Your Home’s Interior PDF Print E-mail
Colorful Landscape Design
A garden that refreshes your spirit flourishes when its elemental forms are in harmony with your unique sense of what makes you happy. While the exterior of your home has an obvious influence on the design of your garden, the interior can give you important clues to your style, tastes and interests.

You may have objects that can inspire a design for your garden. An example might be a favorite painting or work of art. What do you like about the painting? If its colors are particularly appealing, it may be possible to use them in a planting scheme. Or perhaps the geometric shapes of a favorite sculpture can be used for a series of clipped hedges or shrubs.

Perhaps some of your favorite items you’ve collected have come from a particular place you enjoy traveling to. Perhaps you like going to the beach, the mountains, a lakeside retreat, or a foreign country like India or Spain. Bring elements from those favorite places into your garden.

But, what happens when your interior is in complete contrast to the outside of your house? We just met with new clients whose home is English Country style, but they’ve furnished it in a formal neoclassic style. This gave us the clue that they liked a blend of formal and casual. Our design plan for them will feature formal urns on pedestals set in casual curved planting beds.

Your home’s interior holds a huge amount of information about your personal style, interests and tastes. Take a moment and look at the possessions you surround yourself with.