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You can get plastic furniture now in just about any style. Contemporary styles really look great in this material – and the color range is practically unending.

Imagine having your morning coffee on a set of Chinese red occasional chairs with a back drop of yellow chrysanthemums.

That will be enough to wake you up and start your day with a smile. Even your morning newspaper won’t be able to dampen your spirits.

3>Plastic Outdoor Furniture Advantages

Often this furniture is stackable, which makes it great to have on hand as extra chairs for entertaining or if you don’t have much storage space. And it doesn’t get too cold or too hot to the touch.

This is a great way to go for those who have a low budget and sensibilities open to this type of material. There are also faux wood looks made of recycled plastic bottles -- good for the environment but …

… tougher on your wallet, so don’t be surprised when you look at the price tag.

Plastic Outdoor Furniture Disadvantages

Some pieces can look as low cost as they are. They’re also vulnerable to the whims of the wind – you might come home from work at night and find them scattered around your lawn – so don’t blame your kids!

Plastic Outdoor Furniture Care

Just spray it down with the same mildew busting product you use in your shower and hose it off.

Plastic Outdoor Furniture Costs

Your basic five piece dining set will run:

  • Regular plastic - $50 to $200
  • Recycled plastic - $1,400 to $1,800

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