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Think About Where Your Patio Furniture Will Be Placed PDF Print E-mail
A wooden bench placed under a shade tree
Again, we’ll get you started here:
  • What are the views you want to enjoy?
  • Will your outdoor furniture be close to the house or off in the distance? It’s a good idea to keep the architectural style of your home in mind for outdoor furniture that is close to the house. As you get farther away, the possibilities open up and you can do something more natural or whimsical.
  • Could seating work well as a focal point? A bench in the distance, for example, invites the eye as well as the body to come and rest.
  • If you’d like to be able to move your seating from place to place, then something lightweight would be in order.
  • Will you see the outdoor furniture from the front or the back? If you will look at it most often from the back, then be sure to consider that side of the furniture piece.

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