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A Complete Guide for Choosing Your Deck Patio Furniture PDF Print E-mail

Need help with your deck patio furniture buying decisions?

Here are some articles that will help you make informed choices...

See What's Available
Consider Your Garden Style
Understand Functional Requirements
Think of Where Your Patio Furniture Will Be Located
Take into Account the Scale of the Space
Set a Budget
Understand the Maintenance Involved
Think About Comfort Level
Consider Available Materials

What's Available?

Wooden Deck Patio Furniture Set

The deck or patio furniture you choose for your outdoor rooms is just as important today as the furniture you buy for your indoor rooms. In fact, many of the pieces are similar – the major difference is that garden furniture resides in a much harsher environment.

Here is a list of garden furniture items you can use for your patio, deck, porch, poolside, garden structure, or just tucked into a secret corner of your garden:


Dining tables Dining chairs Serving tables
Loveseats Gliders Occasional chairs
Benches Lounge chairs Patio swing
Coffee tables Rockers Storage chests
End tables Ottomans Hammocks
Cushions Pillows Fabrics
Patio umbrella
Outdoor furniture cover

By the way, don’t get caught in the cookie-cutter thought that you can’t get your outdoor furniture until your patio or garden is built.

Life’s too short. We don’t want you to miss a single evening enjoying a tall, cool one as you watch a spectacular sunset!

After a hard day’s work in the yard or at the office, we think there’s nothing more satisfying than …

… sitting in our outdoor furniture talking over the events of the day and dreaming about all the improvements we’re looking forward to making in our own landscape.

We know some of you are saying, “But I’m not good at sitting in my garden. There’s too much to do. All that pruning, weeding and watering is endless. My outdoor furniture will only be there to look at and make the patio look finished.”

Well, we’ve said the same thing. You get up to snip off one spent blossom and before you know it, it’s dark and time to go inside. It’s taken us years to realize the advantages of using our outdoor furniture to sit in and enjoy. We drive ourselves into the ground like shovels when we don’t take a break now and then.

Besides, there’s no time to be grateful for the blessings of our gardens when we’re working like maniacs.

Our flowers, our bees, our lawns, our vegetables, all deserve to be appreciated and …

… we deserve to sit.

“Garden furniture spells immediate enjoyment. Imagine sitting in the speckled shade of a twisted tree or with a group of friends around a terrace table.”
--Terence Conran, “The Essential Garden Book”

Choosing Your Deck or Patio Furniture

So how do you make the right decision with all the thousands of patio furnishings to choose from?

The questions we get asked most often when helping our clients choose their patio furniture are:

  • What style is right for us?
  • What material should it be made of?

We’ve found that the following information has saved our clients time and kept them from making costly mistakes when choosing their deck or patio furniture.

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