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Save that relic rocker. And what about that antiquated wash tub and the dilapidated iron cookstove with Great-Grandma’s aluminum kettle nestled on top? These are junk-shop finds. Fill them with flowers or entwine them with vines and you’ve added instant charm to your landscape design.

Yes, a junk shop is a great place full of rich treasures that you may not have envisioned in your garden. So, when you’re searching for the perfect landscape design addition, keep an open mind and a bright keen eye. You would never suspect what lurks behind the dust and grime!

Place your finds in intriguing places and fill them with the handsome outdoors. Besides creating a sense of nostalgia, you may be startled at the inspiration and fervor you experience when you re-purpose these old items to use in your new second-hand garden.

Happy Hunting!

By Audrey Enright, Interior Designer and Garden Writer