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It’s time for beginnings.

A few days ago, as I turned the corner and headed for the faucet on the side of our house, a cardinal flew out of our holly. She was quite flustered. I wondered why she might be so disturbed, but the event wasn’t unusual enough to delay me from watering the thirsty gardenias on our porch. However, the same thing happened a couple days later on my next trip to the faucet. Now my curiosity was aroused. I peeked into the holly bush, trying to be as gentle as I could. Behold! There was her nest. The cycle of life was beginning again.

Memorial Day has kicked off the summer activities. Like many others, we have fired up our barbeque again (and after tasting how good food tastes when cooked on the grill, have sworn to keep using it year round). We’re busy making the many arrangements that are involved with opening our family’s summer cabin at the lake up in northern Wisconsin. And we’ve begun switching to our summer schedule of getting out to garden early in the morning before the heat from the sun sets in.

We believe that everyone can have a garden that they love and that expresses who they are. This can be achieved by choosing a garden style that has meaning to you, and plants that make you smile.

Warm regards,

Gaye and Peter