Unique Gardening Gift Ideas Print

Are you looking for a practical gardening gift for the down-to-earth gardener? Would you like to give your special gardener a gift that he can actually use?

With a bit of creativity, you can find a gardening gift that is enjoyable for you to give and useful to the gardener.

A container filled with small garden-related items, such as high quality gloves, a trowel or other small hand tool, and gardener’s soap makes a great gardening gift for any garden nut. As a finishing touch, add a gift certificate to the gardener’s favorite nursery or garden supply store.

Also, houseplants make wonderful gardening gifts that your special gardener can enjoy all year long.

Of course, tools make wonderful gardening gifts. A serious gardener can usually use another shovel or rake. For a gardener who loves bulbs, a bulb planter or bulb auger is sure to make a hit. And a good pair of pruning shears is always useful, especially if your favorite gardener grows roses or other high maintenance plants.

Gardeners spend a lot of time bending over to weed and they often haul heavy bags of soil amendments. A great gardening gift is a garden cart, tote or seat that helps get the work done more easily. Even if the gardener already owns a wheelbarrow, he or she can probably use a second one. A garden cart, which is basically a wagon with sides, is another gift possibility. Or, to protect your favorite gardener’s knees, look for wheeled gardener’s seat with room to store small tools.

Since compost is considered to be gardener’s gold, a composter is a popular gardening gift choice. Look for a model that promises to transform garden clippings into compost in just a few weeks, or you can choose a more traditional compost bin instead.

If you really want to splurge on a gardening gift for the most serious gardner, take a look at the rototiller. A tiller really helps transform the process of preparing the ground for a new garden bed from a backbreaking chore to a quick and easy task. In addition, tillers can be used to turn under the cover crops in the vegetable garden each spring or to mix in manure.

Remember to keep the gardener's safety in mind when shopping for the perfect gift. You can add kneepads or safety glasses to any gift to ensure your friend's comfort and safety.