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A Garden Sculpture
In addition to adding a sense of drama to your garden, a garden statue can blend with whatever theme you have chosen. While traditionally found in very formal gardens, a carefully selected garden statue can work well in a small informal garden, too. Depending on the style and size of your garden, a statue can serve as the focal point. This is a typical plan in formal gardens with carefully laid out paths that lead the way to a large garden statue. On the other hand, a statue can simply serve as one of many interesting garden elements.

Pay careful attention to the style, size, and composition of the statue you select to reside in your garden, so it expresses the tone and overall look that you've chosen for the garden.

While a large and ornate garden statue may strike you as beautiful, it could be completely out of place and even unattractive in a small and informal garden. Conversely, other items in a large and formal garden setting may dwarf a small garden statue.

You may choose to design your entire garden around a garden statue you've already selected. In this case, the style and size of the garden reflects the theme and size of the statue.

Another possibility is to design a garden statue yourself to suit your unique garden style or your individual needs. Although this option may be more expensive than selecting a statue from your local statuary or home improvement store, it can make an individual and unique statement in your garden.

If you like the look of some of the well-known statue masterpieces found in formal gardens throughout Europe, be sure to check out garden statue reproductions. It's an affordable way to recreate the look of the world's finest gardens right in your own backyard!

Finally, when you're selecting a statue ask yourself whether this new addition will simply be an aesthetic pleasure or be functional as well. Many pleasing garden statues can also serve as fountains in your garden setting.

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