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Home Light the Night A Guide to Lighting your Home Garden
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A Guide to Lighting your Home Garden

Read on to learn about:

The Purpose of Garden Home Lighting
Types of Pool Lighting
How to Use Lighting for Security

In order to enjoy your garden at night and entertain out of doors after the sun sets, you will need to consider appropriate garden home lighting.

The good news is that there is a wide variety of options and choices available; however, the sheer variety and diversity of garden home lighting choices may make this a difficult and time-consuming task.

Purpose of Garden Home Lighting

Earl P. Mowgly, Gardener

When choosing garden home lighting, keep in mind that your lighting serves two major purposes. The primary purpose is to provide illumination for guests and residents; the secondary purpose is to highlight architectural or landscaping features. Most homes feature a mix of both types of garden home lighting.

Landscape lighting is typically available in low voltage options that provide an ambient effect to trees, shrubs and flowers. This type of garden home lighting fixture usually uses only about 12 volts of electricity, so ordinarily there is no need to be concerned about high electricity usage.

The main forms of garden home lighting fixtures that you can consider include path and driveway lighting, as well as wall lights and lanterns. These types of light fixtures will generally require 240 volts of electricity and serve not only as security lighting but also as directional lighting.

Pool Lighting

Earl P. Mowgly, Gardener

Pool lighting is a very popular choice for garden home lighting. This type of lighting is important not only for security and safety, but for aesthetics as well.

When choosing lighting for your pool, keep in mind that you will need to choose between poolside and underwater lighting. Fiber optics is now a very popular choice in garden home lighting fixtures for underwater pool lighting.

See our article, Landscape Around your Swimming Pool, for more information.


In terms of security, don’t forget to consider such garden home lighting fixtures as floodlights. Halogen bulbs are the most common type selected for this kind of lighting fixture and purpose.

For all of the garden home lighting fixtures you select, be sure to consider timers and motion sensors that allow you to maximize security and the usage you receive from your lighting fixtures.

Timers can be installed so that security lighting comes on at specified times whether or not you are at home.

Motion detectors can also trigger lights to provide even more security when motion is detected within a specified range of the unit.

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