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A garden bench
In this article you will learn about:

Types of seating.

Construction of seating.

Many people feel that an outdoor living space and garden is just not complete without the addition of a bench.

While this is true for a number of reasons, the primary purpose for a bench addition is to provide seating where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor in your beautiful garden.

Types of Bench Garden Seating

There are numerous ways to add bench seating.

One of the simplest is to look for a pre-built bench that will suit your needs and blend in well with the rest of the garden. This type of bench seating is the easiest to install. Prices are based on the size of the bench, as well as the construction materials and style you choose.One of the most traditional and popular options for bench seating is the wrap-around. This type of bench traditionally encircles a tree and provides a lovely and shaded spot to sit and enjoy your garden.

See our Patio Furniture section for tips on how to choose the bench garden seat that is right for your space.

Construction of Bench Garden Seating

When buying a bench garden seat, you'll find there are numerous construction material choices.

One of the most popular and traditional choices is cedar. Resistance to weather makes cedar a good choice for a beautiful bench garden seat you'll enjoy for many years.

See our section on Outdoor Furniture Materials for more bench garden material choices.

Regardless of which type of bench garden seat you choose, keep in mind that that the materials you select will have an influence on the amount of maintenance your bench requires.

Wrought iron benches are traditionally considered to be longer lasting than wooden ones; however, they may need to be repainted over the years to retain their beauty.

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