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Garden Bench located under a shady tree.
From a place to set your garden tools while you stop to deadhead your perennials, to a focal point that directs the eye to rest amidst the cacophony of flowers and shrubs, a garden bench is an essential piece for almost every garden.

A garden bench beckons us to stop and resist the temptation to keep working at the endless chores we have yet to do. It is a place to reconnect with our gratitude for what has been done, and to think about being in this spot right now, in the magic in this moment – to experience the spirit of the garden.

Before you can decide on the style or size of your bench, you’ll need to have determined its location.

Once you know that then you can go on to decide how many people you want it to seat, if you want it to be stationary or movable, and what material, shape and color it should be to enhance the setting you’ve chosen for it.

Here are some issues you’ll want to consider when deciding where to place your garden bench.

Consider your special needs

The first question to ask yourself is what functions a garden bench can fulfill. Here are a few that might fit your situation:

  • a place to get out of the sun
  • a resting place along a long path
  • a place to dream near the waterside
  • showcase a spectacular tree by encircling it with a bench
  • call attention to a special feature or area of your garden such as a specimen planting or a distant corner
  • a private retreat for bird-watching, sketching, reading or tea
  • a place to rest while working in your garden
  • a talk-it-over spot for you and your spouse, child or grandchild

Give Focus to a Special Feature

A garden bench allows you to take advantage of special spots in the garden such as:

  • a clearing or a court
  • a long vista such as the sunrise or sunset, a nearby woods or meadows, or a fairly large lawn
  • a pool or pond
  • an intimate spot

Once you know where your garden bench will be located, you can go on to make your other decisions about it: how big it should be, whether you will be moving it often, and what material, shape and color it should be to enhance the setting you’ve chosen for it. Adding a bench will be a step towards turning your garden into an enchanting getaway.

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