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Give your garden a personal touch with any of the following great garden accent ideas.

When incorporating a garden into your landscaping plans, it’s important to plan not only for the types of plants, flowers and vegetation that you want to include, but for garden accent ideas as well.

Various garden accent ideas can make your garden go from ho-hum to spectacular.

Wishing wells, garden arbors, and even storage sheds are among the most popular and traditional garden accent ideas.

Garden arbors are a great way to incorporate a useful garden accent into your landscaping plan.

Numerous trailing plants such as roses, honeysuckle and grape vines will make use of a cleverly placed garden accent such as an arbor.

In addition, a garden arbor can create a restful retreat from the hot summer sun. When considering where to place your garden arbor, think about locations that form garden entrances, as well as privacy and sun screens near decks and patios.

Gazebos serve as a popular garden accent idea. A gazebo can range from small and quaint to a structure that is large enough to provide an outdoor dining space.

While you might not think of a shed as a garden accent idea, when you choose the right style to blend with your garden theme, a shed can be a beautiful addition to any garden. Consider options that resemble small English cottages or enclosed gazebos. The rest of the world will never guess that this charming addition hides your gardening tools and equipment.

A nice accent in cottage and other informal styled gardens is a wishing well, which can either be completely functional or simply a visual garden accent addition.

Other garden accent ideas include planters such as Grecian urns, clay pots, and other interesting containers. Just about anything that will hold soil will work as a planter for your garden - the options are unlimited!

Be sure to consider interesting accent garden ideas such as waterfalls and water fountains. A water feature garden accent can provide a welcome and cooling respite during those hot summer days, as well as add an interesting visual focal point for your garden.

Gazing balls have become increasingly popular as accent garden ideas in the last few years and are available in a variety of colors and styles. They are a wonderful way to add a touch of drama and interest to your garden.

Statuary items and art are among the most plentiful accent garden ideas. You'll easily find a style that will suit your garden. From sculptures of Greek gods and goddesses to whimsical little gnomes, statuary makes wonderful accent garden pieces.

Bird habitats are another popular accent garden idea. These include bird houses and bird baths. The available styles and sizes are endless, making it easy to include the local bird population in your accent garden idea.

A stone arrangement

Stone arrangements also make a great addition to any accent garden. Use stone to form waterfalls and ponds, or just place the stone carefully to form a beautiful accent garden focal point.

For more information on how to choose from the thousands of decorative garden accents available see Spreading the icing on the cake.

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