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Service Magic Landscape Design
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You’ve got your vision of what your garden style is and understand the steps to take to create your ideal garden (if not, sign up for our free Landscaping Made Simple! eCourse). You have landscaping idea photos that will help guide you, your garden designer, landscape architect, or contractor while drawing your landscape design plans. So, what now?

The next step is to put it all together in a form that a contractor will understand so he can install your dream.

Do you need help with your landscape design?

What's the Solution?

We think the services offered by Service Magic will help you along on your journey to find your ideal garden.

Who can benefit from using Service Magic?

You can enjoy the rewards of using Service Magic if you:
  • Want a professionally designed custom landscape that will bring you enjoyment for years to come.
  • Desire to add value to you home.
  • Need a low maintenance landscape.
  • Have a Homeowner's Association or live in an area with other regulations.
  • Are a do-it-yourself type of person, but don’t trust your landscape design skills.
  • Have a tight budget, but want a well-designed landscape.
  • Need to make some improvements to get your house ready to sell.
  • Have difficult site situations such as drainage or grading issues.
  • With a local landscape architect or designer, you will receive a personal service because he or she will be available to handle any complications with contractors, any difficult regulations in your area or any other unpleasant situations that may come up in the duration of the project.