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Water Features

Planning your Landscaping Pond
If you are looking for ways to increase the beauty and value of your property, then a landscaping pond may be the perfect solution.

Building a Beautiful Garden Waterfall
A garden waterfall can make a beautiful and interesting addition to any garden, no matter how large or small.

Landscape Around Your Swimming Pool
A swimming pool is a beautiful, enjoyable addition to any home. It can be made even more attractive when you know how to landscape around it. Designing the landscape around your swimming pool is somewhat different from other landscape projects...

Protection of Ponds
Your pond is beautiful, and with proper precaution your children can be well protected.

Water Features For The Small Garden Space
Water features that are tucked into a small garden can create a sense of calm and wonder. In small garden spaces, the challenge is to find where to find room for a water feature.

How To Clean Your Garden Fish Pond
A fish pond is a great addition to your garden.  For one, it serves as a source of relaxation because of the water element.


Patio Idea: Make Your Dream a Reality
A patio is an extension of your home, so your patio idea should imitate the personality and design of your home.

Patio Pavers -- Stress Free Installation
You can install patio pavers to improve your home, give your yard more beauty, and increase the functionality of your patio area.

Recessed Lighting Patio Fixture Choices
Lighting may not be one of the first things you think of for your garden and patio landscape plans, but if you want to enjoy your patio at night or entertain after dark...

Choosing your Patio Umbrella
The scorching sun can be a strong deterrent, keeping you from enjoying the beauty of your garden and outdoor living area.

Move Beyond Birdbaths and Gazing Balls - Install a Patio Swing
To add a personal touch to your home’s exterior, you can install a patio swing. In addition to adding a bit of you to the outside of your home, a patio swing provides an alternative to some of the more traditional patio seating that is available at most home improvement and furniture stores.


Building a Wood Deck
Would you like to have a nice, spacious and beautiful wood deck overlooking your backyard?

Deck Rail Design: Show Your Style
A unique design for your deck railing impacts your home by making a statement about your style and personality

Home Garden Supplies

Landscaping Equipment Guide
Taking the time to landscape the exterior of your home can bring a great amount of personal pleasure as well as increase the value of your property.

Landscape Design

An Inspirational Landscaping Idea Picture
One great way to begin planning your garden is by finding a landscaping idea picture to use as your inspiration.

The Art of Choosing and Using an Arbor
Design elements like ponds, trellises, or fountains can combine to make your garden a truly unique affair. One of the simplest and most effective “extra” touches that you can add is an arbor.

Entrancing Entrances
Your front entry can be a place where you introduce your guests to your personal style.

Add Interest to Your Garden with Landscape Rocks
If your garden is filled with color during the spring and early summer months, only to become bland and uninteresting during the late summer, fall, and winter, then you may want to consider using landscape rocks to add year-round beauty.

10 Steps To Building A Backyard Family Fun Retreat - by Jay Chau
Do you wish you had the time to take the family away for a relaxing vacation? Consider the incredible convenience of a family fun retreat right in your own backyard.

Light the Night - A Guide to Lighting your Home Garden
In order to enjoy your garden at night and entertain out of doors after the sun sets, you will need to consider appropriate garden home lighting.

Create a Winter Window Vignette
Here are some tips for making the most of the season of short days and long thoughts, with a window vignette

Step 1:
Free Landscape Design For Beginners eCourse

Revealed - Landscaping Made Simple! The 8 Step Landscaping System That Will Help You Create Your Own Ideal Garden. "If You Only Read One Landscape Design How-To Book This Year, Read This One."

Find Landscape Design Inspiration from Your Home’s Interior
While the exterior of your home has an obvious influence on the design of your garden, the interior can give you important clues to your style, tastes and interests

Steps to Take to Determine Your Ideal Garden Flooring
 The use of the term ‘flooring’ to describe the base for outdoor living spaces has risen in popularity with the concept of creating ‘outdoor rooms’.  One of the most important considerations of your garden design is the flooring that you use to define your outdoor areas.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Gift Ideas for Gardeners
With a bit of creativity, you can find a gardening gift that is enjoyable for you to give and useful to the gardener.


Recreate Nature's Woodland Paradise 
Have you ever been walking though the woods admiring the plant life around you, thinking how beautiful it would look in your garden? No matter how beautiful the plants are, you should never dig them up to take home.

Eco-Friendly Garden Solutions

Natural Beauty


Step 4:
Find Local Landscape Contractors

No matter what your situation the task of finding a qualified Landscape Designer or Contractor can be a bit intimidating.

Step 3:
Find Affordable Landscape Designers

We think that the services offered by Service Magic will help you along on your journey to find your ideal garden. Find out if hiring a professional designer is right for you.

Step 2:
View 4,200 Landscape Idea Pictures

Are you faced with the overwhelming task of deciding what to do with your garden landscape? As frustration sets in, you are probably starting to dread beginning the project that you were so excited about a few weeks ago. Don’t worry, there is a solution.

Garden Accents

Creative Garden Accent Ideas
Give your garden a personal touch with any of the following great garden accent ideas.

Garden Décor Possibilities are Endless
Garden décor makes any garden, large or small, formal or informal, more attractive and inviting.

Garden Bench Seating Options
Many people feel that an outdoor living space and garden is just not complete without the addition of a bench.

A Garden Statue for Everyone
In addition to adding a sense of drama to your garden, a garden statue can blend with whatever theme you have chosen.

Locating Your Garden Bench
From a place to set your garden tools while you stop to deadhead your perennials, to a focal point that directs the eye to rest amidst the cacophony of flowers and shrubs, a garden bench is an essential piece for almost every garden.

Recycled Garden Décor
When you’re searching for the perfect landscape design addition, keep an open mind and a bright keen eye. You would never suspect what lurks behind the dust and grime!

Elegant Garden
Create a landscape design for your elegant home.

Garden House
Use a special corner in the garden and create your own retreat.

Container Gardening


Convert Your Ugly Driveway
That ugly driveway need not look so ugly with a bit of effort and clever imagination.


Step 5:
Get Great Landscape Design Ideas


Garden Dining
Delight in entertaining can result from using your garden as a favorite dining area.

Children's Gardens

Fantasy Children’s Gardens
With a child’s imagination and a little help from the adults, a play-time garden can become a reality.

Garden Journal

Our Front Entrance
The front entrance – whether a porch, courtyard, stoop or landing – is the first thing we see when we arrive home after time spent away in a hectic world. What do you want to experience when you pull into your driveway?

Time For Beginnings
I peeked into the holly bush, trying to be as gentle as I could. Behold! There was her nest. The cycle of life was beginning again.

Beat the Summer Heat
Here are some more tips for making your garden more resilient to heat and to water restrictions:

Natural Inspiration For Your Garden
By capturing the colors, textures, scents and sounds that nature gives us during each season, we can cultivate them in our clients’ backyards for year-round enjoyment.

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