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Now, more then ever, we can use our own personal Eden. Whether you have a country estate, an average backyard, a patio or deck, a balcony or simply a windowsill, at My Ideal Garden, you'll:

- get the help you need to create your very own oasis.

- learn how to read the secrets the garden holds in store for you.

- discover how your garden can be the mirror reflecting the beauty and wonder of who you are.

- understand how the eco-system of your garden can show you how to balance the eco-system of your own needs.    

- experience how the natural world invites you to nurture, empower and transform yourself so you can fall in love with your life again.  


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Flowering Daphnes and Humans - What Makes Plants And Humans Thrive?

They say daphnes are fickle.  They say that they're heartbreakers. They say you have to be an optimist or masochist to grow them.  But, sweet fragrant daphnes really only exemplify the situation that we all get into when we travel down the wrong path in life without knowing who we truly are.  They're just innocent victims of misunderstanding ... Read more


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We are landscape design experts with plenty of tricks up our sleeves to help you transform your property into your paradise.

Together, we have more than 50 years combined experience helping people from all over the country with their landscaping design, gardening, and outdoor decorating needs. We are committed to helping you craft a home garden that expresses...

...who you are, the life you live and what inspires you!

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